Clear and shining water makes people comfortable. The ancient world of aquarium calls the water “elegant”. The elegant water is not just transparent but appears gleaming in the eyes. Create water. Learn water. Water adds sparkle to entire lives. However, once the balance of environment is lost, water condition decays and it is hard for animal beings to live.

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  • Removes chlorine from the water fast and reliably
  • Improves water quality for fish and shrimps
  • Increases the well-being of your tank inhabitants

Clear Water (200ml)

  • For crystal clear water
  • PO4 remover
  • Removes fine particles

Soft Water

  • Lowers carbonate hardness
  • Lowers the pH


Vitamix is a supplement with various vitamins keeping the fish’s health condition. It also relieves the stress the fish feel right after being released in the aquarium tank.